I'm Michele Martin and this is my art. By day I'm a left-brained small business owner who helps people figure out what they want to be when they grow up. But in my off-hours, I'm doing art.

I started this blog in 2004 when I began my initial forays into collage and, eventually, some drawing.  I did NOT grow up making art. It's something that I came to much later in life. As you can see if you spend some time here, especially looking at my older stuff.

I posted regularly here for a few years and then my muse dried up and I moved on to other things. I kept this blog though as it was the only place where some of the art I've made was stored.

Fast forward several years and it's 2013. I've been making art again for awhile and decided I wanted to start posting it online. I missed having my online portfolio and I missed the process of thinking about my art through my posts.

When I was preparing to write again here, I almost deleted my earlier posts because my art-making has grown a lot since then and my first pieces seem so embarrassingly amateurish. But I decided to leave them up because art isn't about always being competent. It's about expressing yourself with the tools and skills you have at hand. As you can see from the posts at the time, I was pretty proud of what I came up with and I think that's because they expressed to the best of my ability some essential things I wanted to say.

For me, art is as much about process and how I feel when I'm making it as it is about the final product I post. A successful piece is one that gave me pleasure to create. It's also one where I can stand back and say "Yes, this is complete and I'm happy with it."  That's what I strive for with everything I work on. If I can get that "Yes" feeling inside, I know it's done.

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