Friday, September 03, 2004

Yesterday I went to Pearl Art Supply on South Street and bought several more packets of canvases. I had a variety of sizes from which to choose, ranging from little 2x3 canvases to some so huge I didn't even want to imagine filling the spaces. I ended up getting several 6x8 and 8x10 and one pack of 10x14. I realized that I'm probably more at home in making smaller, more intimate statements than I am trying to get across some grand, larger message. I'm not even sure I have any great messages to share at this point. This collage is quiet with more subdued colors. I got a jpg of a letter off the web as the background and then used bronze and black paint. I like how the bronze seeped under the edges of the letter (I'd printed it on transparency paper--happy accident) and the addition of the heart to the old woman's chest. The map is of Pittsburgh, where Darvin is from, which seemed fitting. Posted by Hello

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