Saturday, October 02, 2004

Darvin and I talked for a while today about my history of sexual abuse and it's impact on the rest of my life. The picture of the girl captures a quality of vulnerable sexuality that I often feel--both adult and childlike at the same time. To the left of her is a strip of a daVinci painting that seems to be a younger child looking on, somehow even more vulnerable than the girl, who at least carries a veneer of adulthood to protect her. "Questions of Payment" seemed a good title for this--I still have many questions about what I've paid and what he should pay.  Posted by Hello

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Persephone said...

I realized in looking at the child who appears as a "strip" on the left side of this piece--the child is both male and female (it's hard to tell which) and that I see that child as both me, looking at myself, as well as my brother who was often a witness and a victim of the same abuse.