Sunday, October 31, 2004

A while ago I cut out a bunch of photos to do a collection of "SoulCollages"--basically a collection of cards that represent different aspects of yourself. So in a frenzy, I went through all the magazines and books I had at the time and cut out these different images. Like many things with me, that particular project fell by the wayside and so I have all of these great images lying around. This one is that coy part of me. Darvin knows this side well, although others would probably be astonished to know that such a side exists and would be on the floor laughing at the notion. The title "When She Keeps Him Waiting" is from my ever-faithful companion, Letitia Baldrige and her book of Etiquette. I'm pretty sure that she did NOT mean the kind of waiting that this photo implies. Then again, given her advice that only fiances and sisters should visit service men on base, perhaps she did.  Posted by Hello

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Persephone said...

I'm looking at this one again and what I think I like the most is the composition. I like the simplicity of it and how the woman sits on top of the caption, as well as how the background sort of frames her (although that happened somewhat unintentionally. I would have liked to have something different going on with color, though. It's too much gold or something, not enough depth to it.