Saturday, January 22, 2005

Lately, I've been in a dry spell. Things don't seem to come together very easily, as they usually do for me, and I'm not feeling that same "compulsion to create," that's been familiar to me for months. This one felt better, created last night while Darvin played X-box. But then nothing after it, despite another hour of playing around. It's as though I can't "see" anything in the pieces around me. Maybe it's time for a break, or maybe this is what happens right before a "breakthrough." We're expecting over a foot of snow this weekend, so I'm hoping it will result in something creative. More likely I'll end up lying around, watching movies and reading books and watching the snow fall. Darvin bought me a new journal (beautiful, handmade) so I've been writing more. I'd been writing in my art journals, but I need some place "safer" for my more personal thoughts because I can't let anyone see what I've done when it's also surrounded by my most private feelings.  Posted by Hello

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I'm loving this one!!!!