Thursday, August 25, 2005


This began as a screwed up drawing. Fortunately I start out with very light strokes, so I was able to build over the top of it. I had written "What" before I tried to reclaim this as I was annoyed that I could produce such crap. As it turns out, I liked this finished product and the crap I drew just added another layer to the piece. The woman and the girl are drawings from collages I've done. Posted by Picasa


Nita said...

I really like this one! And yes, when you figured it was "lost," you went on to find something--reflecting the Fight Club quote. How cool is that?

The chairs piece is almost an abstract where the colors really talk. Good stuff!

Terri said...

I really like this too. The colour works well with the sketches and the whole piece has a nice loose feel to it which is very appealing.