Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"Good Luck Exploring the Infinite Abyss"

"Garden State" was on HBO last night. We saw it over a year ago with Jess who proclaimed it "the story of her life." At 16, it most definitely was NOT the story of her life, although I suppose it was the story she'd like to write.

"Good luck exploring the infinite abyss," is a line from the movie. It caught my attention as I was finishing the drawing.

"Why did you use THAT quote," asked Darvin?

Because I think that exploring who I am in all my humanity is, in fact, the infinite abyss. I haven't decided if that's a profoundly self-absorbed and negative thought or some kind of truth that only I understand, albeit dimly. Posted by Picasa

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Lara said...

It's funny that you should write this! Today while listening to one of those what are you going to do with your life speeches from a college rep I was thinking that my primary goal should be to simply get to know myself :D
The color and line in this spread is striking!