Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Today Darvin and I had a long discussion about intelligent design, which led into how right-wing conservatives have, in my mind, put a stranglehold on all that has been good and right about who we are as a nation. For months I've felt like we're witnessing the fall of an empire. History tells us of course that it's only a matter of time before world power shifts again, this time, no doubt to India and/or China. Nonetheless it makes me sad to watch the vultures circling overhead, knowing that soon they'll be dropping like flies. Posted by Picasa

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Lara said...

Where have I been! You've been arting up a storm=> I love how you incorporate what's going on in the world in your journals. I've been talking about the exact same things! Armagedon is usually a tool of the religious rite but it seems as if the American empire and the world are coming to an end lately with all of the extreme weather occurences lately. When you think that the enviromental defects the world has been expierencing are due to the damage we caused 20 years ago, it is scary to think what will happen 20 years from now.