Monday, December 05, 2005


I think that my Christmas list this year will include primarily art supplies. I've managed to control myself for several months, using only the supplies I have here. As a result, I'm now re-using canvases from old pieces I've done and didn't particularly care for. It's kind of fun, actually, and certainly creates more layers to work with. I think that time off to focus on drawing has been good for my work too. I find that I can see things in the abstract better than I used to and that I'm better able to build up the layers using oil pastels and paint. I've even begun to believe that I should actually paint, rather than doing strictly collage. At any rate, until I can get new canvases at Pearl, I'll be continuing to re-purpose my old stuff (after scanning for posterity, of course).

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Lara said...

Hey artsy one! I'm sorry I've been AWOL lately--I don't go on the internet that much :D You have done so much stuff--I on the other hand have been dumb enough to wait for specific art supplies (gum arabic) before trying something). Hopefully my jaunt to Michael's will get the juices flowing!
I LOVE this collages=> you're right about the depth, it's amazing! And I love those sketches on colored paper=> i wish i could draw the likenesses of people :P

All I want is art supplies too, LoL. Well that, a hair cut, and getting my darn ear repiereced :D