Wednesday, February 08, 2006


There are women of a certain type who have the power to intimidate me. Not in my work life, where I feel strong and competent, but in the more personal realms. It may go back to my grandmother and her notions of "femininity." While she was a kind, gentle woman, she was iron-willed when it came to "proper" behavior. As a child, I strove to be that person, but as an adult, I'm known as the woman who always takes things a step too far. I try to appreciate this quality in myself, but all it takes is a certain look from a woman like Evelyn and I'm 5 years old again. Do we ever stop going back to childhood?

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juliet said...

a couple of your pieces just made me say, "WOW." as in, how did she know that about me? this one most definitely and the one about staying away from neighbors who ask too many questions. wow. deep. and scary in their deepness.

on the lighter side. i like your drawing style. very much. and the complement your child paid you is major nifty too!

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