Thursday, April 06, 2006


One of the things I love about Darvin is how he's given me back my creativity. Three years ago when we met, I was working through a lot of things and poetry really saved me. One that I wrote was this:

I am,
like a shattered glass,
brittle brilliant shards of me,
glinting, shiny.
I will cut you.

I say,
like a car that won’t go,
all promise and no action,
running on empty.
I’m an unreliable ride.

I told you,
like the promises we made
to our children,
to our lovers.
Good intentions:
“I’ll protect you.”
“You can count on me.”
the lies we told ourselves
and them.

I am,
I say,
I told you.

Why couldn’t you hear me?

It was a warning to him, of course, but fortunately he didn't listen. Instead, he held and comforted me and helped me put the pieces back together. These days it's harder to relate to these feelings as I once did, although I never forget that they are inside me. Sometimes it's good to take them out and look at them for awhile, if only to remind me of how far I've come.


ThomP said...

I love your fractured style! I have also always liked art with text in it. Keep up the fantasticnessossity:)

Sarah e.Smith said...

Your work is brilliant! I love your illustraions...they have so much character. Refering to another post of yours...i hate drawing noses too, i never can get them to look the way I want them to, yours thought come out wonderful! I love seeing your new work!

Libra Larki said...

very beautiful collage and very expressive poem!

melanie komisarski said...

this is amazing... i love it! the texture, the colors, the rawness.

melanie komisarski said...

oops, forgot to say... amazing words as well!!