Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday Journal

Liquitex acrylic markers, pen, and Ranger Distress ink. Still playing with how to use the acrylic markers in this journal, as the water color paper really seems to absorb the paint. 

This one below began as a face, but I ended up drawing a skull over the top of it, which seemed appropriate given the discussions about age I had with a friend this weekend and how inside you never feel as old as you're getting on the outside. 

We went to a coffee shop art opening yesterday and I spent much of the time thinking "If THESE pieces can be shown, then I should definitely look into displaying my own work," and then feeling badly for being so judgmental.

Art is a very personal thing, so what I like is not going to be the same as what you like. One of the reasons I'm reluctant to show my work anywhere is because I don't want to imagine people thinking "why does she think she's an artist?" Yet there I was, doing that. I'm not sure you can really get away from it. And at least this artist was getting her stuff out there, which takes a ton of courage I've found.

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