Monday, June 24, 2013

Re-Working the Work

As part of an online art course I'm taking, I had to create a piece of "mail art"--a postcard, a card in an envelope. You get the idea. The topic was "memories" and I ended up creating a card with an old photo of me as a child on the front and this inside. It was meant to convey how underneath the outward appearances of a happy child, there was a lot of sadness and angst on the inside.

This isn't one of my better pieces. I ended up printing out and collaging three other pieces I'd done onto water color paper as I'm trying to look at ways I can re-use my older work in new ways.

The experience got me thinking though about how art for me isn't "on purpose." As soon as you give me an assignment to somehow represent an idea, I freeze up and create work that feels very inauthentic. I never entered that "flow" place I can get into when something seems to really be going somewhere. Ironically, in creating each of these images individually, I was in that place. It's only in collaging them together to represent this new idea that I felt something was somehow lost.

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