Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red Madonna

This one was created in my journal on a page I Gelli printed the other night. I'm calling her Red Madonna because of the strange halo-thing I ended up putting on her head. Not sure where it came from, but it seemed to work. 

I had a really good meeting with some new friends last night at one of our local coffee houses that also happens to run little art shows on a regular basis. As part of my ongoing quest to put myself out there as an artist, I spoke with the owner about getting some of my own art on his walls and his response to the pieces I showed him (on my Moo cards) was really gratifying. 

I have to look at how I can display things, since so much of my work is done in journals and I tend to do things back-to-back. Surprisingly, as I was looking at some of my work, though, I saw that the pieces I like the most often have crap on the back of them, so I may be good with taking them out and framing them. It would actually be kind of interesting--you get the "light and the dark" of my art in one piece. Of course, the "dark" would be hidden unless you removed it from the frame. 

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