Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Another gluebook attempt. I've decided to try yoga as my new exercise routine. Jess is taking it at the YWCA and raves about it. I want to feel more grounded and at 41, I probably need to focus on gaining flexibility as much as anything. So what I tried to convey here was that leaning AWAY from the schedule madness of work and leaning INTO nature and some "breathing space. Now if I could only have thighs like this model . . .  Posted by Hello

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Dispater3030 said...

First of all, Baby, I don't WANT you to have thighs like this model. I love you body, and I wish that, as part of your search for meaning and identity as a woman, you would learn to accept your flesh - the clay through which your ANIMA manifests. You have a very sexy body - round and soft and warm, thick and strong, milky and sweet and secret.

About the collage: the images, alone, are banal. But the meaning you put into them, and the story you tell with them, is very important. Leaning away from schedules and towards Nature. I like that, baby.

Lean on me.