Tuesday, January 04, 2005

So I joined the Gluebooks group on Yahoo, something to challenge myself to try a differen technique. I'd read about it on some other blogs and what struck a chord with me was being tired of seeing all of these vintage images featured in art journals, collage, etc. I know that I've fallen into a rut with that--I even seem to somehow shun more modern photos and images as being inauthentic somehow. I love them, but I also want to experiment with other things. So this is one gluebook page I did--no painting or embellishment (hence the few "bald patches" where you can see the lines from the composition book). I wanted to push myself to create a few pages using only magazine images. As the caption indicates (Live Your Best Life), this one is from Oprah Magazine. There are few magazines, actually, that don't drive me crazy with either too much "houswife stuff" (like Better Homes and Gardens) or a total focus on beauty and finding a man. So anyway. . . I can't say that I PREFER this to other pieces of work, but it also pushes me in a different direction--or at least to work a little differently than I usually do.  Posted by Hello


Misa said...

I found myself enjoying gluebooks a lot more than I thought I would. It is almost like I don't have to worry about making them "as beautiful, as perfect as possible."

I liked looking at your images!

Dispater3030 said...

Baby, I'm not really sure what to say about this collage. It seems really incongruous with your nature. I mean, the woman symbolizes a few things to me. First, she looks stately and refined, but also old because of her baldness. She makes me think of much older women, which has its own type of energy, certainly. But she also reminds me of a cancer victim, or survivor. The baldness makes me think about chemotherapy and how it causes hair to fall out. So, in that aspect, she symbolizes a survivor of disease and illness. If you put those two characters together - the survivor and the Crone - then you have a pretty positive and profound image. But, where I get thrown off, is with the images of material riches surrounding her: the expensive gloves and watches. Combined with caption concerning Living Your Best, this makes me think that the meaning of a quality life is found in materialism. I know you, Persephone, and I know that is not what you are striving to communicate but it is a confusing juxtaposition of images and archetypal energies.

Makes me say, "Hmph!"