Saturday, January 08, 2005

This morning I was looking at gluebooks done by some more "avant garde" artists. I feel like I'm trying to do things that are too "pretty." Not that this is in any way ugly . . When I first started doing collage, I was a lot edgier, had a lot more social commentary type things going on. But in the past few months, I've lost that. Maybe it's trying to focus on being "happier" or using brighter colors or whatever, but on this rainy day, I miss my edge. This, at least, isn't so neat or something. I'm feeling like I need and want to move back into things that are serious, that say something. I'm worried that I'm losing some of what got me doing all of this in the first place and that I'm not digging in very deeply to what goes on inside me. So this is meant to move me in that direction. Posted by Hello

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Dispater3030 said...

She wasn't aware of the ugliness that stood behind the bright colors of her waking life. She was a mannequin, a puppet, controlled by a crone called Memory and corrupted by a poison named Regret. She was no one. She was all of us.