Sunday, July 10, 2005

Motel Shock

Today we went to Pearl on South Street because I needed canvas and gel medium. To date, the largest canvas I've purchased is 9x12 because I've been afraid to try to work with a bigger surface. When I showed Darvin the 16x20 canvas I bought he said, "Maybe you ought to plan what you're going to do with that canvas." Yeah. Uh huh.

Unfortunately I do my worst work when I plan it. It feels artificial and inorganic somehow. Motel Shock is something that sort of evolved. I was planning, actually to do something completely different using the picture of the headless gentleman by his car. I went searching for an interesting picture that I could also make "headless" and found the one of the woman with the gun. I had the "Motel" sign lying around and then found "shock" and a collage was born.

What I like the most are the little pieces that add to the story that I hadn't even planned. Like I was playing around with painting squares in different places and drew a square around "wedding ring" without even realizing it. The house in the background is a sort of "broken home" thing that also happened accidentally. I really love when those things happen because that's when something feels the most right to me.

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