Monday, August 15, 2005

Beggars of Chisineu

A better day today, although I'm hoping it won't end in insomnia. These were kind of fun to do, combining collage with drawing. I've been missing my little bits of paper and it felt good to have that glue stick out again.

I was inspired by Katherine Streeter and Claudine Hellmuth's PoppetsPosted by Picasa


Mademoiselle A said...

Wow, I love them !!! I'm jealous :-) You've been inspired by other's work, but it's your own style. Keep it up !

Lara said...

Those are sexy! They seemed poppetish when I first saw them=> have you read Claudine's knew book!

Lindsay said... I HAVE to try this. Its free form and fun and sooooo lively and so not really me but what the heck? Thanks for sharing

Dawn said...

These are great. You make me want to get my journal out and play.