Sunday, August 14, 2005

The flesh is willing, but the spirit isn't. Hours of bad art. And I don't care how much I'm supposed to enjoy the "process" right now. Sometimes you want a little product. So a re-work of something older. . .  Posted by Picasa


Lara said...

I'm so jealous of your digital collage skills!

Persephone said...

Don't be! This is just a "real" collage, cropped with some text over the top and a "chalk-look" frame around it. That's about as advanced as it gets for me right now! :-)

Hades said...

I really like this one, babe. It always amazes me when I check your website and find these sudden, intense works of art that reveal a deepening of skill and application I am, obviously, unaware of. I see you sitting in the livingroom, surrounded by books and the pieces of books, glue sticks, colored paper, scissors, tape, paints and inks and other assorted messes, and I think, "What the hell is she doing, now?" It always looks like you are just making a huge mess, but then I check your blog and, behold, like the wizard's apprentice you have summoned forth magic.

I like this because it has a certain fantasy noir essence to it. I look at this and think: Alien princess on a desert world? Warrior maiden wearing a veil? Dark muse of of the Anima? Unbound spirit? Cyberpunk street queen?

Keep up the good work...just don't forget to come back to me now and then. You get lost in this stuff, sometimes, and I think that makes the "Blahness" I have been complaining about even more pronounced. Remember: the greatest artists also found it impossible to maintain healthy romances because of their obsession.

The Crafty-Girl™ said...

So funny...I was just thinking about you last night! I was going to email you a quick "hello" today since I was unable to answer your response a few weeks ago with the hellatious deadline...but now that it's over, I think I have a few brain cells left to put together a cohesive thought! I received an envelope from my bro...some of his writings; but I havent' been able to open it and read it yet because I know it's going to take alot out of me. Diary of a madman isn't light reading.
Anyhow, you've been doing some GREAT work here...LOVE the art with the quotes! So very nice...
I am so enjoying the creating without the pressure right now. I thought I'd be burnt out creatively after the deadline, but the newfound freedom has me already into a few new projects!
hope all is well,