Saturday, April 27, 2013

Girl with the Pearl Earring

Remember Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring?

Apparently this is my version. Unintentional, but that's what I thought of when she was finished. 

This is another Inktense/Gelli print combo from my journal. I used Golden Paints for the print and I must say that they are gorgeous. They've completely turned me off from using cheap craft paints for prints. I especially love the gold paint, which is beautifully shimmery in real life. 

The image above is the "final" version, after adding in some colored pencil. I'm not sure if I like it as well as this one, which I scanned before I kept fussing around. 

I have a terrible habit of overworking things and I'm not sure I like what I did with the pencil on the one side of her face and on her neck. I corrected and darkened her eyes in the top version, though, and I definitely like that better. 

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