Friday, April 26, 2013


These images are from the first water color paper art journal I made for myself in January or February. I experimented with using different sizes and types of paper from the stash of various water color papers I have floating around. 

The image above is actually marker paper that I'd printed on, glued onto hot press paper. I used my Letraset water color markers, which don't really play that well with the marker paper. But I ended up liking the very wistful washed out effect I got here. This seems to capture some aspects of my inner child that really speak to me. 

This one is from an image that started as an exercise I did for an online course taught by Mindy Lacefield. She has a very child-like approach to art that I'm trying to incorporate. I am not a playful, childlike person by nature, so I was intrigued by her encouragement of getting to that place in yourself in your art. This is also one of the few pages where I've tried to incorporate some writing. 

This one is done on hot press water color paper. Gotta say I'm not fond of that paper. Too gritty for me. I drew the face with my Inktense pencils and then used my Twinkling H20 paints. Also was playing around with Ranger Inks. 

More Inktense pencil here and some sort of abstract painting on the side. I liked the expressiveness of her eyes. 

One thing I've observed about my art is that I seem to like the newest stuff the best. When I did these a few months ago, I loved them. Now, after seeing what I've done in the past few weeks and then looking back at these, I don't like them as much. Not sure what that's about. . . 

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