Friday, April 19, 2013

We Are One

Sometimes when I paint, the canvas will sit for awhile, waiting to tell me what it wants to be. But sometimes, as with this painting, it comes all at once. As an impatient sort of person, I prefer when those paintings happen. 

I created We Are One in a few hours on a cold Saturday afternoon. The symbol in the right corner is something I found online. I printed it out, traced it onto tracing paper and then collaged the image onto the painting. 

I started with some inspirational quotes on the bottom layer and then painted a few layers over the top. This was one of my first experiments with dripping paint and I have to say that I love the effect. 

I also love how the woman's face became a sort of map of the earth. Entirely unintentional (at least consciously) but then so satisfying to see when it emerged. 

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