Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dark Sister

This is a painting that has been percolating for awhile. It started with me experimenting with using white and black to play with shades of quinacridone magenta, per an acrylic lesson I'm taking. Clearly it ended up in a very different place, where you can only glimpse that experiment through the gold in the lower right hand corner.

I was going to say things I don't like about this painting, but I'm trying to be kind to my art, as though my pieces are children trying very hard to express themselves and not able to hear feedback as "constructive." So, instead, I will say that I like the shape of her face and the way that the blue paint is shadowed on her neck, like a sort of ghostly wound.

I also like the wrinkles on her face from something I collaged underneath in an attempt to add some interest in the earlier iteration. There's something about flaws I find more interesting than the smooth side of her face.

She seems very intense, almost angry, but like a simmering sort of rage that she's trying to hide. She also seems a little sad to me.

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