Friday, May 17, 2013

Liquitex Experiments

Back in March, I saw that Liquitex was coming out with acrylic paint markers--essentially their acrylics in marker form. Since then, I've been looking everywhere for them since they seemed like a great way to work with acrylics in my journal without having to haul out brushes, water, etc. I tend to do a lot of my journal work on the couch while watching TV with my husband, so I like to use media that doesn't require a lot of prep or production. 

Finally, after months of checking out every art store in my area, I stopped at a Jerry's Art-o-Rama on my way home from lunch with a colleague yesterday and there they were--a big display of acrylic paint markers. 

Above is one of my first experiments with them. I got a different journal, too, as I need to shake things up a little for myself. I'm using a Strathmore Visual journal with 90 lb. water color paper and I'm kind of liking it. Typically I don't go for the spiral bound books because I like spreads to work together across the two pages and the spiral gets in the way, but I decided to give it a shot and so far, so good. 

Here's another one I worked on last night:

Different than what I usually do, but I wanted to try and play and experiment--not just use the media to do the same old, same old. Of course, the fact that I'm doing a face is the same. That is one thing that never seems to change. 

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