Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I had fun with this one. . . your basic page with some gesso thrown in and then some digital manipulation. I like the "posterize" effect in my graphics program because I get a sort of Andy Warhol-type thing going on. Not that I'm as TALENTED as Andy, but at least I can use the "posterize" button to persuade myself that I am. Posted by Hello

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Dispater3030 said...

This collage makes me think about all of the negative stereotypes that are applied to women in regards to merchandising, cosmetics, textiles, and the proverbial love of shiny stuff and money. The advertisements that are covering the mouth and eyes make me think about the ways in which consumerism (You need more make-up because you need to be beautiful! You need new shoes because all the other women have better ones than you do! Make sure you don't miss that sale or you're never going to be attractive! You need a sexier dress because you're out of shape and never going to find Mr. Right!) blinds and chokes women - and they don't even know it! I think about how women surrender their beauty to Men, then complain about it, but resist any man telling them that they shouldn't stress over their hair, make-up, thighs, weight, or accessories. It reminds me of how slaves refused to leave their plantations and often betrayed the abolitionists who tried to help them.