Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm working in my larger journal again, having just about finished with my composition journal. This is actually part of a larger spread. I played around with gesso in this one. I'm exploring the possibilities of gesso and how it can obscure and help highlight through what it obscures. Like life where what we can't see illuminates what we can and somehow points our attention in other directions. Yet what we can't see is still there and perhaps even more important than what we chose to highlight. Gesso as a metaphor for the subconscious. That is NOT the Eiffel Tower, BTW, although it has that look for some reason. It's actually a miscellaneous strip cut from something else and painted with . . . you guessed--gesso. If only my subconscious could make me think I'm in the Eiffel Tower . . .  Posted by Hello

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Dispater3030 said...

I like this. Its very sassy, playful, and sexy in a very easy sort of way. The girl looks like a smartass and rogue, but she doesn't seem malicious in any way. I look at this and think about it being an aspect of your sexuality: the Good-Bad Girl. I look at the tower as being a Phallic symbol. I also look at the Black man in the background and think about it being me, watching you appreciatively and protectively.