Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A rather more playful mode, here. This happened by accident (as many of my things do.) The face is Beyonce's from a cosmetic ad. I'd actually cut out a picture on the reverse, which left me with a partial Beyonce. Then I had a left-over sillhoutte from another photo and I added the woman's arm, a Target logo for the other eye and some red hair. I like how she turned out. Posted by Hello

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Dispater3030 said...

Another example of how perception affects our response to Art. I look at this and I see a representation of all the craziness and manic chaos that I have found lurking just behind the eyes and under the skin of the women in my life, from Mother to Mistress. The swirl of red in the left eye makes me think of the special effects used in cartoons to show that a character is either enraged, dazed, crazy, or all three. The crayon-scribble hair looks playful and childish, but it also makes me think of some emaciated woman kneeling in a psych ward, attacking a piece of drawing paper with the markers and crayons given to her by the resident therapist, laughing and screaming while she creates pictures of other crazy women.

Mistress, Mother, and Maiden. To these add one: Maniac.